It doesn’t matter how much you keep trying to live healthy, the environment doesn’t allow that. You can’t avoid breathing polluted air, toxins and etc. It is inevitable.

Negative emotions create free radicals that are highly toxic to your body.

But it’s not all doom and gloom! Your body has some pretty effective systems in check to expel these toxins such as sweating, urination or defecation.

We are going to show some signs that you shall watch out for.

1. White or Yellow tongue
This is a sign that your body is detoxing itself. Its color shall be bright pink or pale red.

2. Gallbladder issues
If you are feeling pain while eating any fats, your gallbladder is overloaded

3.Congested sinuses
If you regularly inhale high amounts of toxic chemicals, this issue is common.

4. Headaches
Headaches without any special reason are showing that something is not right.

5. Skin issues
If you have problem like dry skin, your body needs help. For solving this issue you need to take out all the toxins in your body.

6. Belly fats
While not all belly fat is a signal that you need to detox, it is still something you should pay attention to

7. Insomnia
If your body is full of toxins, it can affect the amount of melatonin your body releases, ultimately causing insomnia or restless sleep.

There are many ways to help your body get rid of excessive toxins.

Here are just a few of these:
-jumping on a mini-trampoline
-dry skin brushing
-lymphatic massage

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